Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Preparing To Lay The Wood

We are off to to Mooresville, Nc this weekend for a little PTRA racing. It's the second stop on the tour and im ready to turn on some W's. Friday is Big Johnson's birthday. He said he wants a trophy for his birthday, So i put a just a tad extra in the old girl for the weekend. Look out for the competition to go home early and records to be broken.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


As most of you know, Our official points season started last weekend at ZMAX dragway. It was the first stop on the PTRA tour, and we did pretty decent. Ill skip all the details due to time constraints, but track was absolutely the worst racing surface i have ever raced on. I'm not going to go into detail here because it is a new facility and I am sure with time they will get it figured out. Anyways we qualified number one with a 4.88 @163. Made it all the way to the finals and lost. The car smoked the tires downtrack in high gear. But we did manage to set both the E.T and MPH records. All in all it was a good weekend. I learned alot about the car and some of my competitors. I am really fired up about this weekends race in Orangeburg, Sc. It is the first race of the Orsca season and the whole team is stoked. I cant wait to see where we stack up in limited street. I get to take the reducer out of the blower and let the big dog eat. The competition will be fierce this weekend and i think we are gonna need all the help we can get.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Boy what a weekend. After 54 long and exspensive passes with the new motor i finally got a base tune up this weekend. We were in Jackson, Sc for their Grudgefest and 28 inch tire race. First pass off the trailer I told ole girl to go from a to b with no screwing around. I bumped in and turned loose and off we went. Just like she got tired of all the tire smoke and wheelstands and busted transmissions and oil pans and said to hell with all that. Me and Johnson have come to the conclusion that she only like to be raced on race day, and not tested. I wanna tell yall what she ran so bad but you will have to wait till next week . More on that later. Anyways we made a few adjustments throughout the day only to get quicker. We won the race by default when my opponent suffered a broken transmission in the finals. Well that should have been the end of the day, But wait. yall know we are rednecks and cant leave shit alone. This was grudgefest, and i was in a ass cutting mood. So I went looking for the biggest baddest non wheelie barred car at the track and boy did i find it. I thought them boys were gonna faint when i told them i would run them with the teeny weeny tired orange car. Well after much hackling and and haggling and pissing and moaning, we ending up running for enough to just about pay off the national deficit. We pulled into staging and i was feeling really cocky and they were too. Johnson told me to rip their head off on the tree. He said we would need it. Boy was he ever right. We burned in and i waited about twenty minutes for them to clean out all 25 stages of nos they had on the 700 inch king sized gorrilla tarantula motor. They finally purged 3 bottles off and pulled into the beams. I pulled right in on top of them. Cocked the hammer on ole Lucille, and went to mat. That magical flash of three amber bulbs lit the night sky as we both turned loose. Now anybody that has every ran a grudge race for big cheddar knows that feeling you get when you turn loose. No matter what is going on in the world. Nothing matters and nothing can break your desperate concentration to get to the other end first. Off we went. Our lights were almost identical but them having all that motor and NOS pulled a sixty foot like a pro mod. There is no more sickening feeling in the world than watching someone drive off from you when you have your foot in the floor and there's nothing you can do. Then pulled me a car and some change by the 330ft mark. I was feeling like all was lost and that a second mortgage on my house was inevitable. And then the pulling stopped. Lucille reared here ugly nasty head and it was like being shot out of a cannon when the old girl went to high gear. I think i felt the earth spin the other way for just a split second. I was charging hard but was running out of track fast. It was gonna be a photo finish , I dumped the chute at the mph cone and as the chute blossomed, that Big Bright Glowing W came on loud and clear in my lane. It was the second drive by murder of the year. All the NOS in the world cant keep you out front when The ole Procharger gets wound up. Two weeks in Orangeburg yall will find out what it's all about. So with full pockets and a smile on our faces we headed home. The track gave me one of those huge checks thats like 5 feet long which is the coolest thing ever. We have one more match race this thursday and then it's time to hunker down this weekend at the PTRA Season opener in ZMAX. Those boys better bring their A game cause im feeling froggy. Wish us luck.