Monday, September 28, 2009

The Race To The Chase

Well for all of yall that live in the south, you completely sympathise with me when I say RAIN RAIN GO AWAY. I dont know of hardly a day when it hasn't rained in the last month. Between all the torrential downpours and flooding, little racing has been done. The Orange car hasnt even been started in 3 weeks. Me and all the boys are going stir crazy. Me and Chris have been busy working on a new business project, While Brian has been constantly glued to the tv, and has earned the new world record for the most sports watched ever. I mean it's sometimes ten hours a day of sports. I wake up and there he is in the chair. It's sportscenter, followed by gameday, and then more sportscenter, followed by ten thousand games, and then game highlites of the ten thousand games he's watched, followed by the game recaps of the highlites. And then..............Sportscenter. I have been working on the new transmission for the hotrod, which is almost done. If the rain ever stops long enough for me to unload the car from the trailer I will put it in. I am pretty fired up about it. Its built a from scratch unit utilizing the new 1.125 nasa 2 input shaft. So hopefully we can curb the parts breakage a tad. Me and Johnson are on our way to Nashville Tn as I write this to film a Tv show with the Orange car. And by goodness if you pull up , you will find hardly no rain in the southeast this weekend. Which means only one thing.. WE ARE GOING RACING. We cant wait. Brian is even gonna leave the living room long enough to climb in the motorhome and turn on the tv. Next weekend is ORSCA and we are using this weekend as a test session to get our minds back right. We are only two rounds out of the lead in the championship standings and are really hungry for a win. We have three races left so all the cards are on the table. Its time to put up or shut up and we have never been more ready to put some folks on the trailer. Look for more frequent updates as racing escalates this fall. This is my time of the year. October has always been my month. The air is crisp and so is our attitudes. Its down the home stretch we go, And with 6 straight weeks of racing coming up, Its going to be exciting. See yall soon.