Monday, May 24, 2010

Out With The New, And in With The Old

Some people get homesick, I am Car Sick. Basically I miss my old hotrod. The new 10.5 car is fun, and we have been some fast e.t's, But its time to get back to the type of car that I love. Stock suspension drag radial. No yall know that my dream is to drive funny cars for a living, or maybe blown pro mods, but until that happens, stock suspension is where its at. Now there are lots of people that think that we have been away too long to catch up, but if I have anything to say about it, we will be loading people on the trailer before you know it. There are also a couple folks popping off at the mouth wanting to do some grudge racing, so we will find out where their heart is. I have the engine that is currently in the orange car for sale, And am working on the new heart as we speak. It will take most of the summer to complete, So you guys wont hear much noise from me, but i will keep you updated on the progress. I am very excited to get back in the saddle. If anyone is interested in a completely fresh, dirt cheap, bad ass blower/turbo engine, email me at