Sunday, February 28, 2010

Offseason Updates and The Beginning of a New Year

The offseason was a whirlwind this winter. Almost immediately after parking the rig last november, I got to work. What began as a simple build turned into a 3 month neverending project. The new Outlaw 10.5 car is an awesome piece. Well, it will be if it ever goes fast. It's a 93 Ford Mustang Gt. The powertrain for this car has also ran into speedbumps along the way. We we supposed to have it done by the end of January, But as all things in life, It always takes longer, and costs more. So for now we have pulled the engine and tranny out of the orange car. So its a 522 inch Big Chevy powered by Procharger. As usual, we were scrambling to finish the car in time for the first race, Which was this weekend. With the orange car stripped of her heart, We elected to bring the grey car to the Radial vs the World race in Valdosta this weekend. We showed up to the track with not so much as one full pass one the car. We love a challenge . Second round of qualifying we finally made a clean hit, managing a 4.67 at 166mph. I was happy. After a ton off struggling, It was a huge relief to get on the honker pedal and not step off till the traps. We qualifyied 16 out of a 32 field. This tells you how fast the field was. First round Ileft her safe. We have almost no data to go off of, So I decided that going down broadway is better than stepping up and smoking the tires. We staged up and blasted down the track side by side.He nipped me at the finish going a 4.63 to my 4.67. So we were on the trailer after first round. Which sucks, but for me and the boys, it was a big accomplishment just to finish the car and qualify. Our Outlaw 10.5 season starts in 3 weeks and we have yet to ever even bolt on a set of 10.5 s. So we have some testing to do. We have a good car and a sound powerplant. Now it's just up to me to figure out the rest. The orange car will be back up and running as soon as the real motor is done for the new car. I can wait to feel this thing eat. I wanna thank my loyal sponsors that are sticking with us this year despite a new car and a new class. Procharger, Abby's Performance engines, Mickey Thompson Tires, GRP Rods, Mac Fab Wheels, and 2KEYS Customs, Aiken Augusta Paving. You guys never let me down and meet so much to our team. Also a special thanks to my partner and friend, Phil Shuler. We are gonna do great things together. I will update with testing news in the coming weeks. Steve