Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuesday April 25

What a weekend we had. Let's begin with last thursday night. I made 3 passes. The orange car is sixty footing decent, but will not run on the big end. So after about 2 hours of looking at the data logs and talking with Mo and Chris Tuten, I decided the camshaft profile wasn't aggressive enough. We headed home around 2 am. I got up early Friday morning and began searching for an in stock cam grind that would work. Bci in atlanta had one so Brian was on his was to pick it up. I tore down the engine and got ready for install. He got back to augusta around 4pm. We needed a part that was in columbia Sc and they closed at 5. So we pushed the car in the trailer and brian drove while i put the cam in going down the highway. We got to Rockingham too late to make first round qualifying. So i finished the engine. Saturday on second and third round qualifying the supercharger blew the coupler off. which resulted in only running a 5.52. Sunday morning in the last round of qualifying we changed the coupler and the old girl went a 5.27 @ 139.54 mph. Still off but it put us in the field 9th. First round we won with a 5.28 @ 139.43mph. So we have a consistent car. We just need more power. Second round we were defeated by the class mph record holder. Our setup is the only one with a limit on power. I know it sounds dumb, but Nitrous and Turbo combo's are unlimited. Yet we have to run a small procharger. None the less i will make it competitive. The new camshaft loosened up the converter two percent. So that means we are making more power. Tonight we will tighten up the converter and test Thursday night at Carolina Dragway. Saturday Night we will race in a ss race in Sylvania, GA.

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