Sunday, January 11, 2009


Not only am i stuck in the doldrums of the winter off season. But to makes things worse it has been unusaully warm down south. We have routinely had days in the 70's. which makes me wanna race even more. Any of you that know me know that i dont function well without a car to drive. Like a fish out of water so to speak. I am knee deep in the Orange car overhaul. What started out as a few winter improvements has lead to some major changes. Right now the car is a bare unibody and a roll cage. Everything is getting updated from the front to the rear. New engine, blower, wiring, interior, carpet, rear end. etc. etc. I have full intentions of giving whoever is in the other lane this year a fit. We are Making the move from ORSCA EZ Street to Limited Street. Some say this is a foolish move. And i agree that we are stepping off into the deep end. Where chassis's routinely cost in excess of what i have invested in my whole car. but i guess i'll just have to try to make up for that with a little good tuning and alot of good driving. On a brighter note, I will have the new release of this years sponsors up in about a week. We were planning on making the US Street nationals in Bradenton Fl on Jan 24 but my new pistons came in wrong and I am still waiting on exhaust valves. So we are shooting to be testing by the second week in february.I cant wait to feel the new motor pull in high gear. Updates and new motor pics coming soon.

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