Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Getting it in Gear

I am very excited and pleased to announce that The Supercharger Store has come onboard as a sponsor for the 2009 race season. I have heavily relied and depended on their gear drive time and time again on my road to the 2008 championship. Going fast and having durabilty don't always go hand in hand. We drag racers generally abuse our performance parts to the brink of failure. I am no exception. The SuperCharger Store gear drive has withstood the punishment and abuse of drag racing time and time again. We raced the orange car in excess of 300 passes last year. You heard that right. 300 runs. Not many parts could or will ever stand that kind of abuse. Our gear drive performed perfectly will little to no maintenence. As a matter of fact, I am about to change the oil in it and bolt it back on the engine for another full season. Not only does the unit provide durabilty and absolutely look bad ass, but the most important thing is performance. We all know that losing friction is gaining power. There is not a more efficient and consistent way to drive your Procharger than with a Supercharger Store Gear drive. Not only do we have the best product on the market, but we have the best service too. Terry and Bob are always just a phone call away. How nice is it to pick up the phone and actually talk to the people that designed and built your product. Couple flawless performance, durabilty, and the best service around, and you aren't making a purchase, you are making an investment. Terry and Bob, thank you guys so much for putting your faith in me to represent your product. Together we are gonna be a handful........

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