Monday, June 23, 2008

Here Comes The Boom!!!!

Yall forgive me if i seem a little excited but by goodness i am. We left off with us about to make the first round qualifying sat. morning. We were slap tired after the all nighter friday night. I was napping in my hammock when they called us around. Brian looked like a walking zombie. The poor old boy just isnt used to good old hard work i guess. LOL He is gonna kick my butt for saying that. Anyways we were first in line and elected to go with the right lane. I was semi skeptical if my bandaid patch job on the engine was gonna hold up. I figured if it was going to grenade, then i might as well go ahead and help it along so i rolled through the water and dropped the hammer for the usual Steve Jackson style long burn out. I always burn in with the windows down and there is nothing better than stopping about the 330 and when the motor comes back down to idle hearing the people in the stands screaming. Im addicted to this stuff. I backed up and brian keyed up the radio and asked if the rods were still in the motor. I brought the hot rod up on two step and turned loose. 5.10 @146. Hell yes thats what we wanted. After about 3 seconds of talking about what to do next round, we decided to turn the wick up a little. Me and the orange car have this understanding that if she will do what i tell her to, then i wont wheel stand her and beat her up and blow her tires off and stuff. She blew off a 5.06, second round qualifying. Thats a new EZ Street World Record. But we still had to back it up. I was having nightmares about the Carolina race, Remember went i went John Wayne on the tune up in the finals going for the record and almost gave the race away? I decided if we were going for the record this time, that we were gonna do it right now. No more pussy footing the tune up. I loaded in king kong. The track was cool and the air was good, and as my old buddy Dean always says, I Let That Bitch Eat!!!! We went a 5.01. The new record was set. And we were tired. We planned on going out to celebrate, but after about 30 minutes into dinner at the Outback, me and brian elected to get some sleep. Well Sunday morning we got to the track with high hopes. We were Qualified 2nd and drew a first round bye. It was hot so I loaded the bracket tune up in and she did what i told her. 5.11. Good enough for me. But there is a problem. Brian checked the oil overflow and ouch it looked like a vanilla milkshake. Crap the head gaskets are torched and leaking coolant into the crankcase. I guess the 110 passes the poor motor has on it has taken its toll.oh well we came to race so we kept the oil changed and our fingers crossed, Second round we won with a 5.11. . Earning us lane choice in the semis against none other than Charles "smack talking" Hull with his new buddy David Reese doing the tuning. Well lets just say this ass whipping has been a long time coming. We staged and i never looked back. Another 5.11 secured the win. Thats 3 5.11's in a row. WOW. Well we headed to the finals against super nice guy Chad Hendersen. Chad went a 5.16 in the semis. It was gonna be a good race. Unfortunately he broke something in the water box. I hope it wasnt anything major. I know they thrashed all night friday night too. The starter flagged me to stage. I went a solo 5.06 @147 plus. Which may be a new MPH record. Orsca is checking on it. Lady Luck was definitely on my side this weeknd. Hopefully i didnt tear up the motor too bad. A special thanks to my crew chief Brian. He is always there through thick and thin. We win together and get our butts kicked together. We will be in Carolina thursday testing for the PTRA points race in Darlington, Sc this weekend. I'll keep you guys posted on how she runs.

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