Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sleepless in Montgomery

Well boys and girls, We got to Montgomery Motorsports park Around 6pm friday. The line to get in was out to the road. This place is absolutely packed. We unloaded the orange car and loaded a safe tune up in the old girl. We were just trying to make a clean pass to start the weekend. The car launched hard and straight. We were on a hell of a pass when. dun ta daaaaa. Disaster strikes. The car lays over and start making the boat motor sound. You know that sound race engines make when they are really eating parts. That low loud mercuiser inboard sound. I shut it off and coasted around. Spun the motor over and it sounded like a pinball machine rattiling around. got back to the trailer and pulled the valve covers. Lets just say it looked Stanky. Two broken rocker arms, a shot out pushrod. one broken lifter, and the rocker stand pulled the threads out of the head. Yummy. We snatched the intake off and lo and behold, the lifter is stuck in the block. Will not come out. After four hours of prying, beating, banging, heating and framming. NOTHING. I put on my mad Scientist hat and welded a piece of all thread to the lifter, took a weight bar out the car and welded a washer on the other end. in other words a makeshift slide hammer. Me and brian put the oompaloompa on it and by goodness the lifter came out. We rethreaded the holes, and put the motor back together. Got in bed at 5. We just busted the old girl off this morning and she sounds like a champion. Bout to run first round qualifying. Yall keep your fingers and toes and whatever else you can cross crossed.

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