Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Calm Before The Storm.

First, Let me start off by thanking those of you that were instrumental in getting the car back going after i bent her up. Big Johnson as always was first on the scene when the work started and the last one home after it was done. Chris bell, Brian, Fatboy, Brian Canada, Mike Kandefer, Dennis, Jeff Miles, and Cheri. Im sure there are others that im forgetting, You guys inspire me. Another huge thanks goes out to Jeremy at UPR racing products. ( He supplied the complete new mustang suspension after the crash and let me tell you, it works. I was amazed how the car handles and drives. The 1.18 sixty foots on 28 inch tires and stock suspension are unbelievable. Not to mention that at 160 miles per hour the ole girl drives straight as an arrow. Bottom line is this. Anytime you can spend your money with a company who creates a superior product(made in the usa) and that has the customer support to stand behind that product, it's a win win.
The opening week of the racing season is at last upon us. Finally. We got the car back going last week and went to Darlington to run their stock suspension race. We did pretty well making it to the semis. I got a few more bugs worked out of the car. The engine is really making big power.. and im not talking about like it feels peppy or it i think it'll run. Im talking about neck snapping nuts out power. I wish i could tell you guys some E.T's but i have a few heads to thump off in the grudge world first. Yall will all get a taste of what we're working with this weekend in Rockingham. We head there for their civil wars outlaw race on friday. While this is not a points race for us. I am using this as a "tune up" race. The following weekend is our season points opener for Orsca.So this weekend will show us where we stack up against the rest of the field. I am counting the minutes till we all pile in the blue goose and head east. Nothing makes me tick like heading out of town for a race. We are going to test thursday night in carolina. Ill let ou guys know how she runs. I hope to see alot of you this weekend. it's supposed to be sunny and 75.

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