Tuesday, March 31, 2009

One for The Money

Well as most of you guys know, The first ORSCA race of the year was cancelled due to weather. And while i am not one to tell mother nature her business, I sure was read to get the hanky panky on. On the race track that is. We tested at rockingham two weeks ago at the Holcomb Civil Wars race and did decent. Although i still dont have the new combo completely figured out, i did see some bad ass mile per hour and some super fast back half numbers. this all adds up to the fact that the power is there. It's just up to me to make the best of it. So now we have a couple weeks off before the PTRA season opener at ZMAX, followed by the ORSCA Re opener at Orangeburg. So what do we do with all this idle time, We are gonna roll some heads. We have a locked match race this weekend, in Macon, Ga. which should be a damn good race for some pretty decent cash. And then next weekend is Carolina Dragways Grudgefest. Which we fully intend on finding some poor lost soul to tango with. While i love class racing, I also have to respect my roots, which is hardcore nasty bad assed stanky grudge racing. The fans love it, I love it, and most of the time the guy in the other lane hates it. LOL It will be a fun light hearted couple of weekends before we get back down to business. With any luck we should have the car in the paint shop in the next couple weeks. I cant wait to see what Neil and Van are cooking up for the 09 paint scheme. See you guys at the races.

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