Thursday, June 4, 2009

Summertime Stretch

Well as most of you know, thrashing is something me and the boys are pretty accustomed to. It's practically a way of life. We completely overhauled the engine the week before thae Atlanta Orsca race, only to have it rain out. So here i sit with a fresh engine and nowhere to abuse it. Sure the last three weeks have been filled with piddling here and there, We got the new nose and hood put on and did a few odds and ends, but no real excitement. I am bored out of my skull. It is a fairly widespead fact that i have the slowest golf cart in the free world. I mean we will be riding at max speed and some kid on a tricycle with training wheels will blow past us, I have even been beat by girls. So i decided on monday that enough is enough, With no thrashing to do on the car, I have turned my attention to the golf cart. The ole Ez 25 is getting a transplant. I pulled the engine apart, ported the cylinder head, decked it .065 thousandths, tuned the clutch, reworked the carb, and tweaked the exhaust. I should have it back together tomorrow and ready to test in the neighborhood. If the damn thing doesnt run when i get it back together, Its getting a Procharger. Anyways, we have Ptra this weekend at our home track in Jackson, Sc, followed by Orsca in Montgomery, AL next weekend. Then Ptra the following weekend in Union, Sc. So finally downtime is almost over and we get to do some head bashing.Also for all of you that emailed about t shirts, i should have them in two weeks or so. I ordered another 200 so we should be good. The car should go in the paint shop to get her new dress sunday if i dont blow it up saturday.

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