Monday, October 11, 2010

Testing Updates

We hauled the ole heap down to valdosta this past saturday to do some testing . It was a beautiful day out and we got there early. Basically to make a long story short, we found a bunch of things that we need to fix and found somethings that we did fix. It was a pretty good test day. No fast numbers but it takes a little time to sort out a new combo. We didnt break anything so I already feel like im winning. I have to change a couple things on the car this week and then its off to Carolina dragway thursday to burn in. With some luck we should start seeing some E.T improvements this week.


420 said...

Looking forward to seeing the Pumpkin @ ORTC!

jim H said...

Glad to see your new post, wondering how things have been going for you and glad to see you got the old girl back together. best of luck... JFH